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*** Bumble Barf Honey ***
Yes, this is one of those money grubbing commercial ad things. Well, actually bees aren't grubs; but, the guy that packs the jars in boxes looks a little bit like a grub -- on Monday mornings in any case. So, if today is Monday, you can call us money grubbing commercial jerks. Otherwise we are just nerds and geeks looking to get money for a commercial product we sell.

Do we actually sell this stuff?
Yes, Virginia there really is a Santa Claus. And, if he eats Bumble Barf Honey on his toast you can bet he bought it from us. If the old gezer can bring something other than soxs for Xmas, we might consider comping him a years supply of Bumble Barf.

How can we be so sure Santa buys his Bumble Barf Honey from us?
We are the only honey packing plant that dares tell it like it is. You say you want truth in advertizing. Well honey is bug vomit. It may be sweet, but you're not the first to eat it.

How much does the privelege of owning a jar of Bumble Barf cost?
It costs the same relative price that a jar of organic honey costs. Now, I'm not saying that Bumble Barf Honey is organic. But I can tell you that as far as I know there are no regulations on who can call their honey organic. The stupid little bees fly any damn where they want. They get nectar and pollen from any damn flower they want. As soon as you can unionize bees, that will be the day you can guarantte they don't wander too far off in the search of production raw materials.

Until then most anyone, that wants to try to get away with it, can call their honey organic and jack the price up. Not us. No sirree. We call our honey Bumble Barf and then jack the price up.

We get the same money for our honey as the "organic" honey people, but we sleep better knowing that we tell it like it is. Well, maybe the sure knowledge that we will find more money and orders in tomorrows mail helps too. In any case we charge $6.95 a pound or $6.95 for 16 ounzes. (A bit of honey packing trivia: they may not over regulate what organic honey is made from yet but they certainly make sure that every jar of honey has its pounds and ounzes clearly labeled.)

What will the label look like?
Click here to see it.

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Bumble Barf Honey
P.O. Box 370
Nevada City, CA 95959

By the way, you may be interested to know that we won the BOB award. See the nice logo. Here's what they have to say about us.

"In your face", "off the wall", "from the hip", "shameless" Internet advertising. What else would you expect from "money grubbing commercial jerks"?

We only filter out the big chunks

Speed of Flight

According to Park (1923), the speed of flight for loaded bees varied from 20.9 to 25.7 kilometers per hour and averaged approximtely 24 kilometers per hour. The speed of empty bees varied from 10.9 to 29.0 kilometers per hour and averaged two to four kilometers per hour less than that for the hive-bound bees. This suggests the possibiltity that a bee on her outward journey may not in all cases make a so-called "beeline" for the source of supply. (Somebody has to window shop for better sources, don't they? Ed.) The only case in which the outgoing bee made better time than the incoming one was when flying directly against the wind. Bees do not long continue to work in a wind blowing much over 24 kilometers per hour. (Let's face it gang if you could walk an average speed of ten mph and were trying to go up an escalator that was moving down at more than ten mph, how long would you keep trying? Ed.)

. . . Taken from The Hive and the Honey Bee -- Dadant & Sons Publishers

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