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Hymenoptera Hurl -- Bumble barf, Wasp Whoop, Bee Vomit, Apis Spew, Hornet Hoop . . . We sell it all. If an insect eats it, chews it and spews it, you can bet we sell it.

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Fun Things To Do With Bumble Barf

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Fun Things To Do


It seemed like a good idea at the time

Idea Number 1

Wouldn't it be fun to set a jar of Bumble Barf Honey on the breakfast table and wait for a visiting guest to just happen to notice the label. This does require that one have guests over for breakfast. If you have already used a few of the ideas in this article and are now finding it hard to get guests to come over for a visit, try the next idea.

Idea Number 3

Idea Number 2 was too weird even for us. So, here is idea Number 3: Smuggle a jar of Bumble Barf Honey into a friend's house. If the friend is married or have room mates of some sort, one will think the other bought it. You won't necessarily be on hand to witness the moment of discovery, but, what the hay that is part of practical jokes. The anticipation of the results is often the sole reward.

Idea Number 4

Speaking of smuggling, how about putting a jar of Bumble Barf Honey in your purse so that when you go through the check out counter at your local supermarket you can get 'caught' trying to steal a jar of Bumble Barf Honey. You should practice looking real guilty so that they will be sure to stop you at the check out. "I ah . . um . . brought that from home. I ah..

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